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Self-Care Sunday: Showers

Say WHAT?!?!

Why in the world would I choose something so mundane to write about?

Because showers are good for the body and soul. Really. Especially if, like me, you struggle with mental and physical health issues that make doing something as basic as taking a shower a monumental challenge at times.

Confession: I don’t shower everyday . . . except during exceedingly hot summers. Then, I may step into a cool shower several times a day.

Ewww. Who doesn’t shower daily? Why would you do that, rather, NOT do that?

Lately it’s been because of the fatigue from fibromyalgia, depression, and the anxiety of dealing with certain things in my life. I had a med change about a month ago. Since then my appetite has greately diminished. Not only has the appetite diminished, but, so has my ability to eat meat of any kind, much less red meat containing iron. Then there’s the chronic insomnia. I have slept 2 – 6 hours a night of interrupted sleep my entire adult life. Four is my norm.

For more about these kinds of struggles,
play The Spoon Theory Demonstration.

So, I don’t shower as frequently as would be beneficial. This article details the benefits of both hot and cold showers. 

I remember when my son was a young boy. He was kind of an angry kid. (There are a lot of reasons for that, but, it’s another post for another day . . . maybe.) He could get very heated very quickly and the only thing I could do to get him to calm down was tell him to take a shower. It worked, most of the time, and he would come out of the shower much calmer and more centered.

Standing under the streams of water is like standing in the rain, without the discomfort of wet clothes and you get to control the temperature. It’s soothing. It drowns out peripheral noises and allows the mind to focus and think . . . or let the thoughts that circle and attack our peace flow drown the drain. We can gain clarity as the water cleanses our bodies and somehow cleanses our souls.

With that clarity, we may see the things which disturb our peace and trap us in circumstances or relationships that are disruptive to our emotional and mental wellbeing.

Or, we can just sing as we wash our hair.


16 thoughts on “Self-Care Sunday: Showers”

  1. I love that you published this! I am so frantic in the mornings, always running late…it seems I usually have about 12 minutes to get out the door. If I was just a bit more mindful in the shower, I’m sure I could ease in to my day better. This gives me a different purpose to showering rather than just getting it done so I don’t freak out my clients all day with insane BO 😉


  2. I love my shower. More than a tub bath for all the reasons you say. There’s something so soothing about that rain feeling. Did you also know that showers are a great place to come up with creative ideas?


  3. I saw that movie at the theater when I was around 13, I loved it because of the great songs and the romance. I also have fibromyalgia and find taking a shower to be too much work sometimes, which sounds funny, but it’s true. I’m just too tired. But showers are great when I’ve feeling well.


  4. I love my shower! It wakes me up in the morning, since I don’t do caffeine. Caffeine puts me to sleep so the morning jolt of coffee is a failure for me. Plus coffee is too bitter and… well, stream of consciousness. Anyway, I truly enjoy the shower each morning. During the hottest time of the year, when I’m outside working in people’s gardens, I take another shower just because going to bed hot and sweaty is not a plan. Sometimes, I sing in the shower. Sometimes, I sing regular songs. Other times, I pretend that I’m an opera diva. You can be anything that you want in the shower. It’s a happy place where I don’t get overstimulated (I have sensory processing disorder).


  5. I’m not a shower person. But… I’ve been doing what I call “Hot Bath Therapy” for may years.
    I run water as hot as I can take it, climb in with a cup of coffee and a good book, and its the ONLY time that my depression and anxiety isn’t eating me up alive. I’d go crazy without it.


  6. I shower twice a week. Showering everyday is actually not good for your skin and hair, not to mention the fact that it’s a massive waste of water. When I found out that there was nothing wrong with me for not wanting to shower everyday it was extremely liberating.


  7. Yea..I remember those years when to take a shower seemed like a hugely monumental was was monumental..and I didn’t have the will, the desire or the strength to do so. I’d take a shower …sometimes after 3 days..because I had to..because I worked..and the weather here is always hot and humid. And showers do help….like how you said.


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