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Spiritual Saturdays: What is “Spiritual”?

Since I consider myself a Christian and do let it be known, there are times when people tend to withdraw or get guarded. In the current political climate and how our US American society has changed over the past 50-60 years, that response is very understandable. So, let me clarify what I mean by “spiritual.”

First, by many “Christian” standards taught in buildings, most commonly called churches, to groups of people, known as congregants, by people “called” to ministry and “ordained” according to the traditions of formal religious organizations, of which there are many, who name themselves “The Church,” I would be and probably am considered to be a heretic…or I soon will be.

Side note: if you disagree with anything written beyond this point, that’s fine, it’s your right. However, I’m not trying to convert you or anyone else to my way of thinking, I’m merely explaining it. If you try to convert me to your way of thinking, depending on how you choose to do it, I may or may not approve your comment. I don’t censor opposing views, just the tone, attitude, and manner in which those views are presented.

I believe that my God is bigger than any one religion, gender, nation, age, and life experience. I believe that this world and all of humanity are the result of my God’s desire to create something beautiful and propagate beings in the image and with the attributes of this divine, creative, loving being. I believe that all of humanity and all of creation are interconnected, living pieces of this being, connected by it’s spirit, or breath.

I believe that we are creatures of free will and, as such, we tend to exercise that free will in ways we believe will serve us, keep us safe, and become who we believe we need to become. Since the Creator is not as visible or tangible as these things, we struggle to understand and believe in the existence of such a being.

I believe that we, as humans, get things twisted sometimes and that is a reflection of who we are and not necessarily a reflection of who or what God is.

I believe that God has always and will always meet us where we’re at, even if we aren’t in the United States of America, in the 21st century, attending a formal religious service, in accordance with the tenets and beliefs of a specific religious system of belief.

I believe that God made a way for humans to move beyond the separation of ourselves from “him” and that this way is for all people, in all locations, and in all times.

I believe that there are universal practices which cut across and through all belief systems, including those which discount, deny, and distrust belief systems and religions.

Christianity is my framework for understanding and relating to God. Yours may be something else. There are practices which are common among different religions and non-religions. These are the things which take us out of our heads, out of our individual selves, to center us, to help us make sense of an insensible world, and to reframe the things which shape our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Sometimes, for me, listening to music is a spiritual practice.


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