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Fun Friday: Skylark Challenge, Color Therapy, & Other prompts

In last Friday’s Post, I shared what I’m doing on lettrs with the Skylark and Haiku Challenges. I’m going to continue sharing those prompts. I’m also going to share a few others.

Every week, there are several prompts by lettrs staff and other lettr writers. Some of them are topical and others are based on songs, books, and movies. I expanded into writing for these other prompts as well. As a matter of fact, I got so into these methods of challenging my creativity, I kind of neglected preparing blog posts. So, I’m playing catch-up so I don’t have to rush at the last minute and miss a post for April’s Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Original Oil Painting “View of the window” Etsy: KIMArtGallery listing #496417402 Artist: Misung Kim, 2016

Let me start with the Skylark & Haiku Challenges:

Skylark Challenge: Crimson, Rhythm, Peculiar, Compassion


Haiku Challenge 7

Okay, this week’s (April 10th) Haiku Challenge is here and it is the toughest one yet. I am only giving you one line to build from. But, considering the state of tragedy the world is in in right now, I think there is much to write.

You can use as many words as you want/need, as long as you fill the correct syllable count to do so (explanation of syllables at the bottom).


The world is crumbling
_____________________________ (7 syllables)
_____________________________ (5 syllables)


My original haiku as posted this morning:

The world is crumbling
Tragedy in our newsprint
Almost ev’ry day. ~ JD

Other prompts:


Here’s what I did with all of that and then some!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If writing prompts are your thing, go ahead and check lettrs out or just write to these prompts and link back here.

However, I know that other people enjoy other creative outlets. I do as well. One of those things is coloring. We all know it’s all the rage right now, lol. I found one of several apps that I can use to color when I’m not in the mood to write. It’s called Color Therapy. It seems like it’s only available from the Apple store. However, I’m sure that there are other coloring apps available for the other device OS’. There were a couple of challenges there, as well. However, I’ll just let you see a few of the things I’ve colored with this app and not go into all of the challenges available.

I hope you enjoyed my writing and coloring. Now, let’s see what creativity is waiting to be uncovered by you. Please share in the comments and link up anything you may be doing on your blog or social media page.


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