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April Wrap-Up & What’s Next

I’m counting this first month of Neurotypical is Overrated as a success!

Let me count the ways:

  1. There was a post for every day, with no gaps.
  2. I managed to fill all the “We Are Not Alone” Wednesday slots, so that this whole thing isn’t just about me.
  3. I actually found something to make Fridays Fun . . . at least they have been fun for me to prep and put together. I hope those of you reading have found them equally so.
  4. WordPress tells me there are 17 “followers” besides myself. In the grand scheme of things, I’m not sure how many followers most blogs get in their first month, but, that feels great to me.
  5. The Facebook page has about 50 “Likes.” Again, that may not be a terribly high number . . . and we all know that “Likes” don’t necessarily translate into readership. But, hey, I’m still counting it.
  6. People I respect, who are farther along in the destigmatizing of mental health issues, and have established credentials or followers, are letting me know how much they like what they’re seeing here.
  7. Most importantly, there’s some engagement happening with people leaving comments.

I’ve gotten feedback from people who didn’t understand differences between sadness and depression. To have them thank me for helping them to understand the difference felt great. One person from one my social writing apps asked if she could share the blog with a friend of hers who’s having a hard time. I’ve had others share that they can relate and understand because they’ve “been there” too and express their appreciation for having someone who “gets” it.

These are the people I’m writing for. This is why I share my experiences.

In the 12-Step Recovery culture, there’s something called ESH: Experience, Strength, and Hope. During the sharing portion of meetings, people get to stand up and talk about whatever is going on for them, whether they’re struggling, have a victory, or have had long-term success with their sobriety. When someone share’s their struggles, that shared experience gives others the freedom to struggle without shame. When someone shares a story of victory and what helped them have that victory, it strengthens their resolve and the resolve of others who are having victories, but may be struggling to keep moving forward. When someone with a long-term period of recovery shares their story, it gives hope to those who are either just starting or starting over in the recovery process to know it’s possible to achieve that state of sobriety.

That’s what I want this blog to be like. I want to share my ESH. I want others to share theirs. We’re all in this thing together. We can’t get through it without each other.

So, what’s next?

For the month of May, I’m planning three posts a week:

  • Musical Mondays
  • “We are not alone” Wednesdays
  • Fun Fridays

Also, behind the scenes, I’ll be preparing for June and July.

In June, I’m participating in a 30 Day Speaker Video Challenge. I’m not sure what it’s going to entail, but, you may just wind up seeing my face and hearing my voice each day for the month of June . . . eeek! However, since I often have a hard time with video only posts, I’ll provide some written content with any video I share.

In July, I’m working on a special project for the We Are Not Alone Wednesday feature. I think it’s going to be really great. It coincides with the next UBC: Ultimate Blog Challenge. My goal is to have most, if not all, of July’s posts prepared and scheduled ahead of time. That way, I can actually follow through with my reciprocal participation in the challenge. I struggled with that this time and know that there’s a lot of room for improvement.

What do you think? If you’ve been along for April’s ride, what worked for you? What didn’t work and what might work better? Is there a topic or subject you wanted to see but didn’t? Was there something that you saw too often?

I look forward to interacting with you and seeing what you have to say.

Be blessed my friends and keep in touch.



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