Mental Health

Poetry for Mental Health Awareness

I have this beautiful online friend, Elle Arra, whose beauty flows through her art and her words. This month, she’s using her gifts to shine a light in the darkness of stigma around mental health.

She’s given me permission to share her words and message here. You can find her on Facebook.

A poem and some accompanying prose for Mental Health Awareness Month…

If you are suffering, find help here: 

“was it bliss or was it death? there are no teeth marks on the skin so no one knows. the bite is on the bone, the venom is in the bloodstream taking turns down vein, capillaries, arteries. the legs continue to alternate and the lips spread over the teeth, but be certain of this–– the cage is empty.” – Elle Arra 

The arts, literary included, are an outlet. Not just a beauty but a bleeding. You see, when the death goes to the page, or the canvas, or through the shutter, we can keep it off ourselves. We can keep alive. When you see the darkness on our pages, don’t think us lost or gone, think us saved by the casting off of that which tries to overtake us.   


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