Mental Health

Migraine, Twenty One Pilots

Yesterday I described a panic attack I’d had the day before. 

The thing is, I’m writing this post, tomorrow’s post, today…the day after the panic attack. A day that never really ended because the headache never fully went away, but has ebbed and flowed for the past 26 hours.

Confused yet? I am. It feels surreal and distorted. 

I finally got it to subside enough that I dozed off. Then, as soon as I laid down in bed, I was awake and I can feel the pain encroaching again.

Do you want to see something kind of crazy?

Can you tell I’d just gone through a panic attack, in the first picture? How about the fact I’d been awake, for all intents and purposes, for about 28 hours with a headache for 26 of them?

Food for thought: Mental illness and the fibromyalgia I’ve lived with for close to 30 years, are called “invisible” for a reason. I’m not the only one who smiles through the pain and still shows up – at least some of the time.


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