Mental Health

Creative Mental Health Awareness by Elle Area

I have this beautiful online friend, Elle Arra, whose beauty flows through her art and her words. This month, she’s using her gifts to shine a light in the darkness of stigma around mental health.

She’s given me permission to share her words and message here. You can find her on Facebook.

Abandonment is akin to a pine box, a shovel of earth, a few roses, a potluck, a sea of black waves moving around you, talking about mundane things and asking intrusive questions.

It is normalcy parodying itself.

Abandonment is a confirmation of our serial killing inner voice. This is an endless loop. Don’t let anyone tell you death doesn’t occur countless times while you are breathing and interacting.

So, now that we know we can die and still go to work, kiss our children, walk our dog, how do we get up out of this grave? It is beyond the thoughts, it is in the voice, the audible voice.

Speak through the coffin planks, passed the roots, through the soil, make the grass shiver, speak until the shovel comes again, but this time not to bury, to exhume.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, Day 5

#unfolding #intomentalhealth


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