Mental Health

The Dolphin and the Sea

With all of this talk about mothers and with Mother’s Day coming up, I got to thinking about a poem that I wrote 25 years ago about my mother.

Writing this was supposed to have been cathartic. I was trying to put the ghost to rest.

I’d woken up, on a Sunday morning and stumbled my way into the bathroom. When I looked up, I saw her face in the mirror instead of my own.

The Dolphin and the Sea

I saw your face this morning
as I peered into the glass.
I was startled into yearning,
and knew I had to ask.

I reached beyond the present,
deep into the past;
to find the answer so unpleasant,
to discover peace at last.

Why did you leave?
Where did you go?
I had no chance to tell you
all I wanted you to know.

You were my heroine.
You were my bane.
You were bright and shining,
and not quite sane.

You were full of madness,
yet masked it well.
You hid your sadness,
’till your wall fell.

Once that happened,
there was no hope.
You were so frightened,
you could not cope.

I turned from you,
as you turned toward me.
I disappointed you.
You disappointed me.

I never intended to be your disciple.
I never intended to repeat your strife.
The time has come to break the cycle.
It is time for me to separate from your life.

Though your time on earth is ended,
You are still a part of me.
You and I are spirits, kindred
As the dolphin and the sea.



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