Mental Health

In preparation…

Last week I stopped posting because depression got a bit of a foothold. Now, I’m going to take a break until June 1st.

I’ve got six days to get videos and posts ready for June. The video challenge requires a 1-2 minute video each day and establishing a YouTube channel. My plan is to connect the videos to blog posts. This means I have to establish more structure in my life to set the time aside and do the work.

Since my life continues to be what it is, with the parenting and my own mental health healing and recovery process, I won’t be able to do “just in time blog posts” and do the organizing and prep.

For any of my readers who want to read more from me, you can check out my original blog, Human In Recovery.

I’ll be back with fresh content, including short vlogs, on June 1st.

Until then, may blessings and peace be yours.



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