Everything I write about here is based on my life and experiences as a mother and grandmother, a trauma survivor, living in poverty, experiencing mental health issues, with a child experiencing special needs.

I’m not a professional anything, certified in any area of specialty. I’m simply a woman, with nearly 50 years of life experience. Nothing I share is an endorsement or recommendation, it’s merely something I have experienced and, hopefully, found to be helpful and healing on my own journey.

I have been blogging, intermittently, since December 2011. Over the course of the past six years, I have “met” a lot of wonderful people, talented writers, and creative artists from all walks of life. In my opinion, the internet, WordPress, and blogging in general, are great equalizers in our world. These are the highways and byways which connect people who would otherwise never conceive of knowing about a different culture, way of life, or the lived experiences of people from different layers of their own society.

I’ve been told, many times, that I need to write and share my story. I have, to a degree, in chaotic and inconsistent ways. Organization and consistency are not my areas of strength. This is my “fresh start.” My life has changed dramatically, multiple times, in the six years since I first began blogging. I have changed . . . hopefully for the better. Along the way, many of the people I mentioned above, have greatly contributed in profound ways to the changes. They’ve been part of my journey of self-discovery, growth, healing, and recovery. Sometimes, as the central character, Melinda Gordon, from the show, Ghost Whisperer, states, “In order to tell you my story, I have to tell you theirs.”

This blog is about sharing the stories of my life. Sometimes that will be through directly sharing my own, in the moment, thoughts and experiences. I also want to highlight the stories of those who have influenced and helped me with their own journeys. I will provide information and links on subjects related to Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Depression, Autism, Poverty, Trauma, Emotional Wellbeing, Parenting, and others, in all of these contexts. I will also provide links and sources.

One more thing to know about me . . . I’m a Christ-follower . . . or I do my best to be. I’m not here to evangelize, preach, convert, condemn, or judge. None of those things are my job. My thoughts on Christianity, Religion, and Spirituality are just my thoughts. You may disagree with them. That’s okay. You don’t have to believe as I believe. We’re all just imperfect people doing our best to live and survive in an imperfect world. Jesus and my rocky, imperfect faith in him are what gets me through my life.

This is intended to be a safe space. There may be . . . there will be . . triggers for people. It just happens. If I share something and it brings up something painful or draws out something else in a way that causes uncomfortable feelings, feel free to let me know. However, it’s my hope that you will use those things in your own process of self-discovery, healing, and recovery. I will provide a list of national hotlines for accessing help and support which might help you process and cope with whatever you may be experiencing.

If you don’t see a resource you need or know of a resource not listed, please, feel free to let me know and I’ll see if I can find one and update my list.

Since organization and consistency are things I have difficulty sustaining over the long-haul, I’m using the April 2017 Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) to jump start this blog. It’s intended to be a post a day for 30 days. I’ve successfully completed it, in the past,  when I first began blogging, but haven’t been able to do so in recent years. Because . . . life. Anyway, I’m going to post according to the schedule you’ll find here, at least that’s the plan.

Thank you for stopping by. Share your thoughts. To quote Joan Rivers, “Let’s talk!”


UBC April 2017




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