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My Title Song(s)

Having been born in June of 1969, two and a half months before the Woodstock Music Festival, music has always been part of the warp and weft of my life. While 80's music was the soundtrack of my adolescent years, it's 70's music that formed my musical foundation. The Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Steve Miller… Continue reading My Title Song(s)

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I live in Portland

2 killed in stabbing on MAX train in Northeast Portland as man directs slurs at Muslim women, police say Words can't express my grief for the families who lost their loved ones yesterday or for the women and their families who are living with the knowledge that they can't travel through the city they live… Continue reading I live in Portland

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Anxious about my next venture, the June Video Challenge

As the day of the June Video Challenge approaches, just the thought of doing a video, much less 30 days of videos, is panic inducing. I have this sinking heaviness in my stomach. My nerves are humming. My hands are feeling shaky. I feel a bit queasy. To be perfectly honest, I'm really not looking… Continue reading Anxious about my next venture, the June Video Challenge