On the About page, I indicated that I’d been blogging since December 2011.

My original blog, Human In Recovery, started off as a DIY attempt at depression recovery. It became a “venting” space where I probably, certainly, shared TMI about my life and family situations. As time went on and I realized I had a slight passion for writing, I participated in a couple of Ultimate Blog Challenges. It became a hodge podge of my personal life and me writing about other things that I had strong feelings about or was just thinking about. I joined a couple of blogtivist endeavors for reducing stigma around mental health issues – which is still what I’m about, ergo “Neurotypical is overrated.” There’s also a period of “blog-hopping,” when I was feeling more creative and shared some original poetry.

I’m not replacing it with this blog, since I want this one to be more centered and focused. I’ll still use it for my more “stream of consciousness” writings to get stuff out of my head and be a bit more personal about things.

If you are interested in seeing my evolution and learning more about me, visit Human In Recovery.




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